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Project "Pegasus" The Followup to the Vi Vante Exotic is in Development

Project Pegasus has been initiated. We are hard at work designing the follow up bag to the Exotic Platform. As a boutique bag maker we have the ability to make our product line more of a fashion line, that’s continuously changing. The primary objectives in this bag design include:

  • Designer Looks

  • Extremely Lightweight

  • Functionality

  • Fit for two rangefinder cameras or one with extra lenses

We want to push the boundaries in making the bag as lightweight as possible. We learned from the Calibre design how customers appreciate the weight savings. We enjoy the freedom of making our own designs completely from scratch and do not have to conform to any standards of camera bags. We look forward to sharing our creation as it progresses. It will be something very special.

Vi Vante will be CONSISTENTLY creating limited production camera straps in special colors that are extremely limited. They will be offered to our VIPS first, then listed on the website for sale at a set time and date. Once the color sells out, it will NOT be remade under any circumstance. Sign up for our mailing list to keep informed.

Vi Vante News Update

Vi Vante is grateful for all of our customers, because of each and everyone of you we are able to keep creating, we can keep on the throttle. We have shipped to over 25 countries and with our FEDEX & DHL account hope to reach more. We have lowered the cost of international shipping and are subsidizing the expense making the world a smaller place. Join us on our journey!


If you listen carefully you can hear the roar of Vi Vante’s engine around the world. We have shipped to over 20 countries. Our web presence is increasing. Be a part of the movement. You have settled for too long. Vi Vante is here. Not Just a Brand, a Lifestyle…… OF WINNNG

Prototype Leather Braided Camera Strap

Here is another prototype design. We are constantly designing new items. We are not here to push the same products over and over, we are here to bring real luxury to this camera market. You have all settled for too long. Vi Vante is here to stay. Do you know why this brand was created? The owner of Vi Vante was tired of products not meeting his standard, so he set out to create his own. VI VANTE; The New Era in Camera Straps and Bags.