Not your typical Thursday!

Big Day at Vi Vante! The Ascari’s have been completed in Rosso Leto, Nardo Gray, and Sapphire Blue. In addition we are too excited to keep from you the latest Vi Vante PROTOTYPE codenamed “V12.” Why V12? It’s 12 individual strands of Italy’s finest leather braided together. It’s unbelievable, but aren’t all of our straps???

Monday 12-3-18

It’s Monday December 3rd and we are staying full throttle! This week the New Ascari Colors will be on sale and added to the website.

Testing begins on a new camera strap prototype that is simply gorgeous. We can’t wait to share. EXTREMELY COMPLEX.

The “Victory” linked camera strap will be out in about two weeks. There are so many steps involved in making this camera strap, but it will be worth it. The edges of the strap are treated so there’s no leather flaking, like the competitions. The design is very Vi Vante! The voice over was cut for the video promo of this strap from German’y top voice over actor. You will immediately recognize this voice WORLDWIDE. This video is currently in production and will be our BEST yet.

The New Rope strap (The Sheetline) is in production in Black, along with more Ultime’s, because they are selling faster then we can make them.

The list of countries we have shipped to keeps growing. We want to ship to your country!

If you have any questions you can always write us here.

Vi Vante's Rope Strap versus a "Competitor"

On the left you have a Rock & Roll Snake Rope Strap. On the Right you have a Vi Vante. The details matter to us. The Vi Vante will launch at about the same price. Our ends also outperform Artisan Artist, and Cooph. Benchmarking is all part of the game. (The Posted photo is a non edited iPhone photo)

New Prototype

A New Vi Vante Napa Leather Camera Strap goes into prototype phase, LAPPING the benchmark in leather quality and design. In another post We will also show a detail photo of the ends of our Sheetline (rope strap) and how it looks versus the Cooph, Artisan Artist, and Rock & Roll brands. If we can’t raise the bar we don’t go into production. That is our #1 Rule for our products. “You have been settling for too long,” Vi Vante is here now and we are working day and night to bring you the best.

Welcome to house of Vi Vante. This is our first blog post! There is constantly exciting things happening in our world. We want to share them with you as they happen. Victory is something we work for every day. There is no rest. We may celebrate our successes, but we get right back to work.

Vi Vante is beginning to make a name for itself in the luxury camera market and rightfully so. We are competitive by nature, and see our competition as a bench mark that simply must be beat. It’s GAME ON and we are always ready.