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A Note about The Sheetline Camera Straps and what makes them unique

The Sheetline isn’t just a “Rope” Strap. We didn’t just take climbing rope and put leather on the ends. We created a Luxury Camera Strap that is designed to look like a rope strap. The strap has built in tension relief and feels very soft on your neck. The strap has a cashmere like sheath because luxury doesn’t begin with a rope burn! The ends are made with very supple Napa Leather and theres a white highlight stitch.

The World's Most Luxurious Camera Bag

Vi Vante Proudly introduces to you our new camera bag design, “The Calibre” pronounced Caliber. It’s has a small thin profile but still fits two rangefinder cameras or one with extra lenses. Each Camera Bag takes 2.5 days to produce because of the hand woven leather. The Bag is extremely light weight as well, weighing only 2 pounds 7 ounces and that’s with the dividers inside.

When Vi Vante Produces a Limited Edition; it is a production of a predetermined quantity, with hand numbered authenticity cards. Limited Editions will not be remade in the same color. Shortly we will be launching a limited edition of 10 Safari Matadors and 10 Polar Gray Matadors. will have a designated product page for these “drops” and they will go live at a set date and time. The Straps will sell out very quickly. This is something we will be doing more and more, from straps to camera bags.

We have multiple new camera strap designs in development. We don’t mean different color we mean styles! Also Arctic Fox Sheetlines are in production as well as a compact DailyDriver Camera bag; codenamed “Baby Driver,” which will have red stitching and red interior. There’s a few camera bags in development too.

Vi Vante will be CONSISTENTLY creating limited production camera straps in special colors that are extremely limited. They will be offered to our VIPS first, then listed on the website for sale at a set time and date. Once the color sells out, it will NOT be remade under any circumstance. Sign up for our mailing list to keep informed.