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The Matador Noir leather camera strap for Leica SL, S, and slotted strap mounts goes into production

We are going into production on this gorgeous new line of Matadors after we finish Tiger and Cliffhanger production. This Matador Noir is the most luxurious camera strap by far available on the market. There’s no cheap plastic hardware like on competitor straps, our buckle looks like jewelry, and our leather is second to none. We continue to run circles around the competition with something to prove.

Prototype Leather Braided Camera Strap

Here is another prototype design. We are constantly designing new items. We are not here to push the same products over and over, we are here to bring real luxury to this camera market. You have all settled for too long. Vi Vante is here to stay. Do you know why this brand was created? The owner of Vi Vante was tired of products not meeting his standard, so he set out to create his own. VI VANTE; The New Era in Camera Straps and Bags.