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A New Climbing Rope Camera Strap Goes into Production for Leica Sony Fuji Nikon Canon and more

A new Climbing Rope Camera Strap goes into production, Black with Red Highlights, and a red Deviated highlight Stitch on the ends. We Custom ordered a blend of rope to our specs for the task. This Strap does not have the built in tension relief of the Sheetline and is a very different feel for the photographer that doesn’t want luxury but wants a strap that can stand up to anything. All top climbing rope straps were benchmarked. Vi Vante is proud to surpass them in multiple areas; grade of the rope, the finished ends with Napa leather, and electroplated mounting rings.

Not your typical Thursday!

Big Day at Vi Vante! The Ascari’s have been completed in Rosso Leto, Nardo Gray, and Sapphire Blue. In addition we are too excited to keep from you the latest Vi Vante PROTOTYPE codenamed “V12.” Why V12? It’s 12 individual strands of Italy’s finest leather braided together. It’s unbelievable, but aren’t all of our straps???