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Monday 12-3-18

It’s Monday December 3rd and we are staying full throttle! This week the New Ascari Colors will be on sale and added to the website.

Testing begins on a new camera strap prototype that is simply gorgeous. We can’t wait to share. EXTREMELY COMPLEX.

The “Victory” linked camera strap will be out in about two weeks. There are so many steps involved in making this camera strap, but it will be worth it. The edges of the strap are treated so there’s no leather flaking, like the competitions. The design is very Vi Vante! The voice over was cut for the video promo of this strap from German’y top voice over actor. You will immediately recognize this voice WORLDWIDE. This video is currently in production and will be our BEST yet.

The New Rope strap (The Sheetline) is in production in Black, along with more Ultime’s, because they are selling faster then we can make them.

The list of countries we have shipped to keeps growing. We want to ship to your country!

If you have any questions you can always write us here.