Selecting the Right Leather Camera Strap for your Leica, Fuji, or Sony Camera

Selecting the Right Leather Camera Strap for your Leica, Fuji, or Sony Camera

How to Choose the Right Leather Camera Strap:

Buying a camera strap can be a daunting experience. Knowing what to look for is as important as style and color. First and foremost is SAFETY. The Camera Strap has to keep your precious camera safe, therefore the quality and design must have strength and durability. The following list will help you determine the most important factors that should be considered Before purchasing.

  • Presentation

    This includes Product Photos and videos. Is the product clearly shown with many different angles for you to see? How is the lighting in the product photos? Having a “pretty” dimly lit photo can be hiding imperfections in the product. Do not be fooled by product “influencers.” They are often paid to post photos of products or given in trade.

  • Attention to detail

  • Design and style

  • Durability

  • Construction

  • Finished Edges or Seams (edges that don’t flake off our visible seams)

  • Comfort

  • Functionality/Reliability

  • Mounting rings, electroplated or just metal?

  • Hand made or machine made?

  • Quality of the leather

    Many companies advertising straps extremely cheap aren’t using real leather, it’s called PU leather and is actually what you called pleather. In Addition there are companies that use leather remnants on camera straps where they are joining small pieces together.

  • For Heavier Setups, you want to determine if there’s a safety strap built in.

    You do not want to risk a failure on a camera strap and having your camera taking a faceplant.

These are all things to consider when selecting a Leather Camera Strap.

All of the Camera Straps on our website are made with the finest materials and are built to last.

Bespoke Luxury for VIP Clients

Bespoke Luxury for VIP Clients

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