Vi Vante Cliff·hang·er Rope Rugged Rope Camera Strap 47" / 120cm

Vi Vante Cliff·hang·er Rope Rugged Rope Camera Strap 47" / 120cm


The Cliff·hang·er by Vi Vante

The Cliffhanger is a rugged, luxury camera strap, designed from the ground up by Vi Vante. The process was a unique one, we completely deconstructed multiple climbing ropes for the task. Then we combined the best elements of each to create a beautifully rugged, rope camera strap.

The Cliffhanger is a much different  design then the Sheetline. This strap doesn’t have any tension relief. The Cliffhanger is  uncompromising in functionality and focused for the task at hand. Whether you are on a Safari, in the Serengeti or backpacking around Iceland, Just throw your camera strap over your shoulder while mounting your horse or Ducati Motorcycle, the Cliffhanger will not disappoint. 

Features of The Cliffhanger:

  • Proprietary Rope design only available from Vi Vante

  • Napa Leather ends with finished edges and built in side protection.

  • Electroplated mounting rings, we also provide an extra pair.

  • Black Branded Carry Pouch, which can be repurposed for other photography supplies.

  • 47 Inches, 120cm Long. Designed for CROSS CARRY USE.

*Team Vi Vante believes the Cross Carry Method is the safest for your camera; from hiking mountains to the city streets you keep your camera safely tucked behind your arm and protected. It minimizes camera vibration, keeping your rangefinder in top form and provides safety in crowds, with less risk of someone bumping into your camera. 

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