All in News

We have multiple new camera strap designs in development. We don’t mean different color we mean styles! Also Arctic Fox Sheetlines are in production as well as a compact DailyDriver Camera bag; codenamed “Baby Driver,” which will have red stitching and red interior. There’s a few camera bags in development too.

Vi Vante will be CONSISTENTLY creating limited production camera straps in special colors that are extremely limited. They will be offered to our VIPS first, then listed on the website for sale at a set time and date. Once the color sells out, it will NOT be remade under any circumstance. Sign up for our mailing list to keep informed.

Vi Vante News Update

Vi Vante is grateful for all of our customers, because of each and everyone of you we are able to keep creating, we can keep on the throttle. We have shipped to over 25 countries and with our FEDEX & DHL account hope to reach more. We have lowered the cost of international shipping and are subsidizing the expense making the world a smaller place. Join us on our journey!