Vi Vante "Calibre" Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag

Vi Vante "Calibre" Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag


The World’s Most Stylish and Luxurious Camera Bag; The Vi Vante Calibre is a drastic departure from the ordinary into the utterly extraordinary. This camera bag is made of premium Top Grain Italian leather, only the best portion of the hide is used. The Leather is textured which makes it resistant to scratching. Each camera bag takes a full two days to make. The interior is made of a super soft microfiber that will pamper your special camera. Three Dividers are included, for best action we recommend just one or two, the third is a spare. This hand woven camera bags profile make it look so compact but yet it’s cargo capacity is ideal for rangefinder style camera lovers. For Example you can Fit two Leica M Cameras with lenses mounted or one M with 2 additional lenses.

Length 11 inches/27cm

Height 9 inches/ 23cm

Width at the bottom 5 Inches / 13cm

Width at the Top 2 3/4 inches / ~7cm

Shoulder Strap Length 47 inches /119.5cm Long Designed for Cross Carry; non adjustable for weight savings. Same length as the Matador.

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Top Customer Review

Subject: Calibre Bag

Message: I have purchased dozens of camera bags over the years; the vast majority handcrafted using luxury materials. Almost universally, the bag ends up having an irritating design issue -- weight distribution issues cause the bag to tip, excessive width/depth, too many compartments, limited accessibility, or it simply doesn't look aesthetically pleasing from some angles. Canvas tends to attract dust and often appears too casual, but leather bags tend to be heavy.

I'm pleased that the "Calibre" exhibits none of these frustrations. The asymmetrical shape allows the bag to sit snugly when worn but remains spacious considering its overall dimensions. The clamshell design removes the need for an obtrusive flap that gets in the way when opened, and the bag looks stunning from every angle. Considering it is made almost entirely from leather, the Calibre is remarkably lightweight. Bravo!