Vi Vante "Targa" Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag with Inside Bag

Vi Vante "Targa" Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag with Inside Bag

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A Limited, Exclusive, Design and Production Run.

Codenamed “Targa” this camera bag is the Epitome of Design, Beauty, Function, and Versatility. Each camera bag is hand woven and takes over two days to create.

The Targa is two beautiful camera bags in one, which can function together or separately. The main bag can function alone as a camera bag and comes with its own dividers. The inner, removable bag, is outfitted with a handle, and finger loops.

When using the inner bag, inside the main bag, the top flaps slides into the bag, in the open position, making it easy to store your cameras. Should you decide to separate them, just lift by the finger loops, zip and button, it’s that easy! The Vi Vante Targa takes days to create because of the attention to detail and the hand woven leather. Both bags are made of exquisite textured leather.

  • Two Camera Bags in One Can function together or separately.

  • Dividers are included for each bag section.

  • One accordion style, pull out front pocket.

  • Micro Suede Grey Interior.

  • Premium, Top Grain, Cowhide Leather.

  • Hand Woven.

  • Comes with Custom Self Stowing Rain Cover

Vi Vante is the first camera bag manufacturer in the world to offer a Woven Leather Camera Bag.

Dimensions: 12 1/2 x 6 x 8

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