The City Slicker Rain Cover for Camera bags Universal

The City Slicker Rain Cover for Camera bags Universal


The Vi Vante City Slicker was created out of a need to protect your equipment inside of your camera bag. You never know when nature will strike, so you always want to be ready, and have one of these in your camera bag. This is a brand new design giving total protection to your bag but still allowing easy access to the rear zippered compartment. Rain flaps on bags don't keep your bag dry and often times can lead water into the bag in a heavy rain. These are a must have item.

  • One Size Fits Most Messenger Style Camera Bags up to 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

  • Completely Waterproof with a close back design

  • Velcro secures around the straps of the bag so there's no leakage

  • Self Stowing and takes up little space in the bag, recommend putting under a camera in a divided section

  • This is a Vi Vante Design made by photographers for photographers.

Compatible with all Vi Vante Camera bags and many other makes including Ona, Artisan Artist, and many others.

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